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Business SMS

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Business SMS is the most effective way for companies to send quick updates – either transactions, promotions, reminders related, or of any other nature – to their customers. It is a vital customer communication channel for businesses, offering higher open and engagement rates than other channels like email, without being too intrusive.

DIGINTRA service allows you to send out thousands of SMS messages to your customers within seconds. We have multiple priority SMS routes to deliver your messages, to ensure high delivery rates and cost-efficiency.

OTP Verification

Appointment Reminder

Billing & Payment

Status updates

Key features of

Different ways in which you can use SMS to Streamline Customer Communication

Benefits of using SMS for Business Communication

High open rates

SMS offers some of the highest open and engagement rates compared to other communication channels.

Secure & fast communication

SMS is the most preferred channel for sending OTPs to customers on priority.

Customer insights

Track and monitor customers’ responses to your SMSes. Gain the visibility and insight you need to run effective campaigns.

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