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Send IMP Alerts, Updates, Reminders, EMI Alerts, Parental alerts and much more...

The average open rate for transactional SMS is 98%, making it one of the more powerful ways to reach your contacts. With DIGINTRA, you can now easily create and send personalized SMS messages to your customers globally.

Transactional SMS is an effective channel to send messages to your customers like 2-factor authentication codes, order confirmations, shipping information, and more. DIGINTRA is here to help you send those messages that are critical to your business.

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Key features of

Transactional route can only be used for sendingtransactional SMS such as Information, OTPs and alerts toyour registered users.

Benefits Of Transactional Messages

Saves Time

No manual input needed for every message, you can save contacts, template to initiate the message in few clicks.


Send reliable transactional SMS across any location, ensuring 99.9% uptime and guaranteed delivery.


Transactional bulk SMS have limited character messages, making it easy for the receiver to read and take action accordingly.

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